Digital Signage Manager

The Digital Signage Manager is a Windows application programmed in ADOBE Flash and MDM Zinc by Larry Fortna.  This software makes it very easy for anyone to be able to create great looking landscape videos for playback on the KDLINKS HD230, HD700, and HD720 media players or similar products. 

The Digital Signage Manger uses uploaded photos or predefined templates in which font and color selection can be easily changed.

The KDLINKS HD230, HD700, and HD730 automatically play video files that are placed into a folder named “autoplay”.   When the Media Player is powered on, the videos from this folder play seemlessly.  However, only video files can be played this way, so if you want to create Digital Signage from photos, the photos must first be converted to video which is the job for the Digital Signage Manager.  The duration of each video file can be set independantly.

The application is small enough to fit right onto an SD card that will be inserted into the KDLINKS Media Player SD card slot.   FFmpeg, the open source video converter is used to process the images.  This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1

The autoplay folder as well as a folder for still photos and video are created by the application at run time.

Users select from predefined templates to create video for Digital Signage.   Some of the templates allow you select one or more video files for insertion into your background.   Background image sizes of 1280x720 or larger produce the best quality video.

In addition to jpg, gif, and png files, Flash SWF files can also be imported as backgounds.   A photo/video template allows video files to be overlayed onto uploaded backgrounds where the user can adjust the size and placement of external video in a variety of formats such as .avi, .mov, .flv, and .mp4 files to produce stunning content.

Contact Larry Fortna at for more information.